We understand how tempting Square can be for merchants who are eager to accept credit and debit card payments. Square offers a mag-stripe reader for free and has limited fees for point-of-sale features. It has been touted by many as the most advanced and comprehensive mobile POS system on the market without a monthly fee.

However, while most merchants experience initial bliss when using Square, they soon face issues that countless businesses before them have suffered. Just read some of the horrifying reviews from fellow businesses here. The company’s Better Business Bureau profile sites 1,452 formal complaints within the last three years alone.

The Issues with Square

The vast majority of issues related to using Square involve account stability and withheld money, which can be extremely debilitating for businesses, especially smaller operations. Common customer concerns include:

  • Account suspensions
  • Account terminations
  • Waiting for funds to clear
  • Funds taken from a linked bank account to cover old transactions

A stable mobile POS account, like those offered through Datainsure’s point-of-sale services, allows you to access funds predictably and reliably. An unstable account, like those offered through Square, offer zero reassurance that money you earn will even be available to you when you need it or expect it to be.

Of course, issues that some businesses face will not arise for others. Some companies will have a higher risk of suspension and termination based on certain factors, though it may not be possible to determine your business’ risk level until after problems arise.

Account Termination or Suspension

Having your payment processing account terminated or suspended can cause huge issues, as you may not be able to accept funds to keep your business operating. A clause taken from Square’s Seller Agreement reads:

“We may terminate this Agreement or suspend or close your Square Account for any reason or no reason at any time upon notice to you.”

Yes, you read that right. Square can legally terminate or suspend your account for no reason whatsoever. They minimize their costs and increase their sign-up speeds by processing initial applications solely online. By the time a human staff member reviews your application to decide whether Square really wants to work with you or not, you may have already accepted thousands of dollars in payments, which could end up frozen and withheld if you don’t make it through the final phase of the registration process.

Square’s Poor Customer Service

One of the most frequent complaints from Square customers is the poor quality and accessibility of support. One of Square’s attractive features for startups and smaller businesses is that they accept almost everyone who applies. However, behind the scenes, this exposes Square and its clients to greater risk of data breach and fraud.

Imagine you are dealing with a data breach or that Square decides to randomly suspend or terminate your account.  Consider the amount of panic you will experience when you can’t reach a Square customer service rep to assist you. Many customers report calling in and being prompted for a code they never received and never getting responses when emailing Square customer service.

When you sign on as a Datainsure customer, you can rest assured that a live customer service agent we will be there to help you solve any issue related to your payment processing services. Our clients expect to receive immediate responses to requests made by phone and email, and we do our very best to deliver on that expectation.

We maintain great relationships with banks, which allows us the capability of solving problems more creatively than less personal, larger merchant service operations. We will work with you and patch you through to the appropriate party and will stay on the line to guarantee the problem is solved. We will never leave you, or your account, frozen in limbo.

Datainsure’s Mobile and Tablet POS Offers Long-Term Success

Square may be the right fit for some companies out there. But if you are hoping to get control of your finances for the long-term, we suggest signing on with a payment processing company that offers superb customer service and transparent agreement terms.

Speak with a Datainsure POS expert today to get your business’s transaction processing services on track for long-term success.