The experts at Datainsure understand the moments immediately following the discovery of a data breach can be terrifying. That is why we encourage our customers to sign up for our PCI Compliance and Data Breach Insurance Package to protect them from cyber threats and heavy non-compliance fees. The service also includes support and guidance following a breach.


Below are steps to take immediately following a data breach. If you subscribe to our PCI Compliance and Data Insurance Package, we can walk you through the entire process.


My business data has been compromised—now what?


  1. First things first: immediately contain and limit the beach. Conduct a thorough investigation to identify compromised data and prevent further loss.
  2. DO NOT access or alter breached systems. Do not log-on and attempt to change passwords and do not attempt to login as ROOT.
  3. DO NOT turn the compromised machine off. Isolate it from the network by unplugging its connection cable.
  4. Preserve all logs and electronic evidence. Log all actions taken following the breach.
  5. If using a wireless network, change the SSID on the access point (AP) for any other machines that are using the same connection (except for any machines that may have been breached).
  6. Closely monitor all systems containing payment information.
  7. Notify all necessary parties:
    • Your internal information security group.
    • Your incident response team.
    • Your merchant bank (if you do not have contact information for your merchant bank, report the breach to Visa Fraud Investigations and Incident Management Group at 650.432.2978).
  8. Collect and provide all compromised Visa, Interlink, and Plus accounts to your merchant bank within 10 business days. Transmit as instructed by your merchant bank and the Visa Fraud Investigations and Incident Management Team. Visa will distribute the compromised account numbers to Issuers and will ensure the confidentially of entity and non-public information.
  9. Provide an Incident Report to your merchant bank within 3 business days. Visa, in consultation with your merchant bank, will determine if an independent forensic investigation of the compromised entity is necessary.


Helpful Links for Dealing with a Data Breach

Below are some helpful links for business suffering a data breach. Tallwave is a third-party assessor helping businesses cope with data breaches.


Visa’s Cardholder Information Security Program (CISP)

Mastercard’s Site Data Protection Program (SDP)

Discover’s Information Security and Compliance Program (DISC)

American Express Data Security Operating Policy (DSOP)


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